FireFly 2+ Vaporizer
FireFly 2+ Vaporizer
FireFly 2+ Vaporizer
FireFly 2+ Vaporizer
FireFly 2+ Vaporizer
FireFly 2+ Vaporizer
FireFly 2+ Vaporizer

FireFly 2+ Vaporizer

17 reviews
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As of June 2022, FireFly has announced it will not support any new warranty claims outside of the United States. We have pulled all units from our inventory and will not restock any FireFly vaporizers until the manufacturer can fully back the sale of their devices. We highly suggest looking for another vaporizer if you live in Canada.

It's finally here! The brand new FireFly 2+ is a refreshed and updated version of the incredible FireFly 2. Enjoy a much easier draw, longer battery life, and overall better experience with the new FireFly 2 Plus.

The Firefly 2+ is designed for people who love the plant.

Our dynamic convection technology delivers phenomenal flavor and zero waste. It's equally superb with cannabis flowers and extracts, ready in 3 seconds, and is easy to load and clean.

You deserve the best vapor experience in the world. This is it.

What's Included:
  • Firefly 2+ Vaporizer
  • 1 Battery
  • Charging Dock
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • 1 Concentrate Pad
  • 3 Alcohol Wipes




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Leanne M.

Amazing flavor

Easy to use if you follow instructions with unbeatable flavors just what I want:) always excellent service from herb cafe will definitely be back for future purchases

Canada Canada

Honestly, not worth it. Concentrates are not gonna happen

I read a lot of reviews pointing out all the benefits and upsides that the Firefly 2+ offers. I am here to tell you that overall the downsides will outweigh the upside. While it's true that this vape is one of the best for flavour that's about the only thing I can say without a counterpoint. The overall design of this device is something that will degrade faster than it should for the price point. The attached gasket that will dry out over time, the lid that has to be replaced and one of the worst designed mouthpieces I've ever encountered. This thing is made to break, maybe not at first, but this thing will break down on you. You should also know there is an app that you can use to get more customization features. Wait. Sorry, that should read feature. So there's an app that allows you to control calibration which is supposed to increase the amount of vapour it will produce. However increasing this by even 1% and/or using the highest temperature setting will send this device into overheating every time. I have yet to actually be able to use any kind of concentrate with it because it just automatically overheats. That said there is a trick and you do have to force the pad into the bottom and have solid contact with the tray so that it won't fall out if you turn it upside down. If you don't and leave a gap the device will overheat but honestly it won't matter because even if you do get it in fully it will still overheat before you can get anything decent to draw. You will just melt your concentrates and just have a bigger problem trying to dig out the sticky stuck pad. Don't use alcohol or you'll dry out the non replaceable gasket. Clean up is not as easy as you'd imagine because of this. I recommend using a wet cloth and cleaning after every session otherwise things will get stuck, sticky and COMBUST if you leave it too long. I once did 4 bowls in a row and while it didn't combust the taste was awful. You really do need to clean this thing every time. Speaking of sessions you won't get a lot from this per bowl. It says you can usually get 3-4 stirs of the bowl but realistically it's about 2. You fill and pack a bowl you smoke it. You open you stir and smoke again. The heating is effective when it works like it should but honestly the amount of times this overheats and the finickiness of having not too much and not too little matter makes this thing more maintenance than any other device I've ever owned. You would think it would be as simple as fill the hole, cover and smoke. Which it is except getting that sweet spot where it doesn't overheat can be a challenge. Which why? I honestly feel like an idiot for falling for this marketing gimmick so learn from my mistake. There are many other better vapes for the price point. Hugely disappointed.


The Herb Cafe

Hey Thanks for speaking to me by email. The main issue here is your drawing too hard and using the on demand device as a session vaporizer. And you haven’t updated the firmware or settings to match the material you’re vaping. It is imperative to update the firmware and settings to get the most from this device. It will joy function as intended if these are not updated. Also, remember to slow down your draw considerably to not cool the hole down as you draw. It’s the only reason the pad popped out of place.

Rob S.
Canada Canada

Excellent Service and Excellent Prices

Love, love, love this vape. I have a Pax 3 as well but find it gets harsh over prolonged usage, unless you add a bubbler which can be hard when on the go. The Firefly consistently produces fantastic vapour and taste and the on demand heating it provides helps your bud not get cooked up without it being consumed

Canada Canada

The Rolls Royce of vaping

I have used many vapes. Dynavap, arizer, DaVinci IQ, Fury 2, Tera Boundless. This one is by far the fastest and greatest feeling high. There is a bit more nuance required. But I enjoy the ritual. The taste can’t be beaten. This isn’t a cloud chasing vape, but it certainly offers a wonderful high.

Canada Canada

Fast shipping and good prices �

Fast shipping and good prices �

Canada Canada

Great vape for on-demand!

So after watching many videos, I pulled it out of the box, loaded some coarse Nuken and pressed the 2 sensors - 3 seconds of green light flashing and you can see it lighting red in the bowl. I slowly drew in for about 15sec and I could feel it in my lungs. A nice cloud emerged, taste was only decent (I never did the recommended pre-burn). High was great! Temperature was preset to '3 blinks' (about 170C) out of the box. On-demand is perfect for my needs! TheHerbCafe is a step above the rest for customer service, shipping, packaging, goodies! My 3rd purchase, more to come...

Canada Canada

Firefly 2+

Shipping was extraordinary fast! The vape functions super well; very clean and efficient. It’s a little extra work to get a huge hit compared to many other vapes of same quality, but the vapor quality itself for is A+.

Canada Canada


Great taste and easy to clean but baterrie life is really bad seem to loose charge on its own.

Canada Canada

Really like the FireFly 2+ vaporizer!

First off, really impressed with THC's order process: ordered at 3:30 pm on Wed, arrived in my Winnipeg mailbox on Friday morning! This is my first experience with a portable vape, so keep in mind I'm not an expert. It's great that it heats up in less than 10 sec. I know that waiting 30 sec or more would be very annoying. Another plus - it's very easy to clean. A common complaint is that it's more complicated to use than other vapes. Possibly, but this one seems pretty easy to me. Read the instructions and it's a piece of cake. I really enjoy the rich flavors I get, although as I said I don't have experience with other vaporizers. There isn't any plastic or other unwanted tastes. I've only used it 4 or 5 times so far, but really love the high. I wasn't sure if I'd like the effects compared to the joints/pipes I've always used, but I'm a convert. Overall, love the FireFly 2+.!

Canada Canada

Great service

My experience purchasing from Herb Cafe and the use of the product have been phenomenal. Very fast service and shipping too. 10/10 would buy from them again.

Canada Canada

Firefly 2+

Easy to use great flavours

Roderick M.
Canada Canada

Still to discover.

I’m afraid that my first grow has just entered 5th week flower so am still some number of weeks away from trying the firefly 2+.

Canada Canada

Smooth AF

I watched all the videos, read all the reviews and was pretty sceptical going into the purchase. I liked the idea of having a glass only pathway and the superior flavour it was supposed to produce. As i only smoke at home the issues others have with stirring and shorter battery life didnt really factor into my decision. (I personally like the ritual of stirring, changes the experience to one of involvment rather than just the high itself) Ive owned the vape for about 2 weeks now and i can say its been a huge upgrade over my previous budget vape. The draw is really simple, slow and long - the first hit was all the learning curve that i needed. As I generally only smoke on weekends my tolerance isnt super high so one bowl is plenty for my wife and I. The vapor is very smooth and cool, i had hoped for a bit more flavour but that might also be down to the quality of herb that im using - i hope that some fresher more pungent bud will result in move flavour. All in all this is a great device, wish it was cheaper, but i plan on using this for many years - my prior one lasted for 4 years so i figured i would buy something i could use for at least that long without always wondering what a better vape tasted like.

Ted S.
Canada Canada

Pricey, but very good.

Amount of vapor and ease of use is very good. Replaceable battery is a great plus - other brands have a permanently installed battery which will eventually lose their chargeability, Very effecient use of herb - it will probably pay for itself compared to others. Highly recommended .

Peter L.
Canada Canada

Firefly 2plus

Great service and price the firefly 2plus..quick heatup, smooth vapour and strong effects..Happy ...

Canada Canada

Works great!

This is my first vaporizer and I found it really easy to figure out and use. I really like that it's on demand and that you don't have to smoke a whole bowl at once. Seems to need cleaning about every 3 bowls or so. Shipping was fast. Overall really happy with this purchase!

David C.

As good as ever

Love dealing with The Herb Cafe, always a pleasure. Firefly2+ is great as well!

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