AVS Molecule M22 Atomizer

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AVS Molecule M22 Atomizer

We are excited to be working with Advanced Vape Supply to bring the Molecule M22  rebuildable concentrate atomizer with ESCC to Canada! The Herb Cafe is the exclusive Canadian supplier for the Molecule and its parts and accessories.  

This product page is for the Molecule22 atomizer with the Energized SiC Crucible.

Patent Pending - The Molecule22 Rebuildable 'Dab' Atomizer is the 22mm follow-up to the popular Molecule m15 RDA! It was developed over the last 2 years through over 6 prototypes, with extensive testing, and builds on thousands of user's feedback and nearly a year of real-world application. If you are a flavor connoisseur or are looking for a portable solution with performance, longevity, quality, versatility, and safety in mind, the Molecule22 RDA is for you!! Simply put, there is no oil atomizer that comes close in comparison.

Introducing a new coil-less technology, the patent-pending directly Energized SiC Crucible (ESCC™). This is a directly Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible that heats up and rips like a coil but with the flavor and ease of cleaning a SiC bucket!

The M22 can be used with its Stainless Steel 360-degree vortex air inlet housing as a wax pen capable of providing very smooth and tasty rig sized puffs. Use it with the M22 Bubbler as a mini e-rig (sold separately) or the Rig Adapter as an enail (bottomless banger and extension cable, sold separately).