AVS Molecule M22 Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC)

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AVS Molecule M22 Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC)

Patent Pending - Coil-less directly Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible for the Molecule22. A directly powered SiC ceramic crucible! The first truly coil-less vape tech for concentrates! Everything you love about SiC, a premium ceramic vaporization surface, in a compact and portable vaporizer that rips fast and hard with remarkable flavor! Finally, you can have the ease of cleaning between loads of a bucket, maintaining that optimum flavor from your oils while still enjoying the massive rips like what a coil delivers. We love coils of course, but when it comes to oil, wax, diamonds, and other concentrates this is the best on the market. Satisfaction is guaranteed, this is the future of oil vaporization. With proper care, the ESCC will last years!

The ESCC is non-stick and non-chazz. It simply wipes clean with a cotton swab! The ESCC is also ultra-smooth and features gold-plated legs for more accurate TC performance!

Simply press the Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible into the patent-pending spring deck like a fuse, load your product, set temp, and go! No Solder, No glue, No screws, no hot spot removal. Just set it and go! Nothing but flavor and easy to clean SiC ceramic.

 What's Included:

  • 1 x V2 Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible
  • 1 x Zirconia ESCC™ Housing
  • 6 x ESCC™ Spring Clips

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