DaVinci Vaporizer

By DaVinci

$139.00 $179.00
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The first choice of the outdoor vaporist. Rugged and simple to operate, the original DaVinci vaporizer is the perfect choice for camping, hiking, biking or all your outdoor adventures.

Heating Type:

This is primarily a conduction vaporizer, with the walls of the chamber heating up to create the reaction. There is a mesh net at the bottom of the bowl that allows very good air flow and a small amount of convection heating does pass through the chamber.

Control & Operation:

The bowl is hidden under a magnet flip top. With the flexi-straw stem unscrewed, flip open the cover and fill the chamber with your herb. Inside this area is a brush and a hidden "stash spot" storage compartment to keep some herb for later. After you've filled the bowl, close the lid and screw the stem back in. On the right side is a silver power switch. Slide it up to turn on the vaporizer and press the power button (bottom) to start the heating process. The temperature range on the DaVinci reaches 221°C (430°F) and has a full control spectrum allowing adjustments of 1° on its small illuminated digital screen.


Here you'll find the everyone's favorite 18650 lithium-ion battery which will give you 5-7 proper sessions before you'll have to refill the battery. Charging will take approximately 2 hours using the proprietary wall charger.

Feel & Design:

The rubberized non-slip grip coating on the outside makes this perfect for active people. It will survive the dreaded drop test because there is no glass to shatter and the body is a good shock absorber as opposed to the aluminum or plastic housing used by most other companies. You can get the DaVinci in black, gray or green.


Clean up can get a little tricky with the DaVinci. The chamber is a little harder to access because it's recessed into the body and the angle can get tight. If you remember to empty out the bowl right after it's cashed out then it makes this process much easier. The on board and hidden brush will help with the left over plant matter but a Q-Tip wipe is a great idea once and a while. Use a pipe cleaner to remove resin build up in the flexi-straw.


DaVinci protects you for up to 2 years with its manufacturer's warranty. But this guy is built to stand the test of time! Buy from an Authorized Dealer like The Herb Cafe.


A great entry price point vaporizer. With its durability and ease of use, it's a fantastic place to start.

$169 CAD

What’s  In The Box:

DaVinci Vaporizer, FlexiStraw, AC/DC power charger, 2 oil canisters, 5 extra screens