Haze Technologies Dual v3

By Haze

$249.99 $329.99


If there was one device you had to get to handle all of your materials, this may be your best choice. Conduction or convection, herbs or oils, the Haze Dual v3 up to the challenge.

Heating Type:

The Dual v3 has a pair of warming ovens that the user can set up in a myriad of combinations. It is mostly a conduction style heating system but Haze Technologies developed different types of screens to give the flower a conduction extraction or convection extraction. They also include a bowl for concentrate vaporization.

Control & Operation:

With the Dual v3, you can load 2 ovens with a convection screen, conduction screen, herb canister or concentrates canister in any combination. Once the bowls have been loaded, you can start to vape by sliding the top open to either side. If you see the black circle it will vape from the bowl on the left, indicated by a black circle. And to vape from the other bowl, simply slide the top in the opposite direction revealing the white circle. The temperature has 4 presets ranging from 185°C (365°F) to 213°C (415°F). Just tap the button on the top to select which heat setting you desire. The Haze Dual v3 also comes with 2 stems; one glass the other stainless steel. Both will offer a slightly different taste. But as everything goes with the v3, the choice is yours. Maybe the "V" stands for Versatility.


It comes equipped with 2 users swappable lithium-ion batteries, only needing one at a time to function. So having a backup charged is easy. The charge times are a little crazy, taking up to 4 hours, if completely empty but each battery will give you about 45 minutes to an hour of use, or 4-5 sessions. The batteries can be charged using the wall charger provided or a Nicore Intellicharger.

Feel & Design:

The Dual v3's shape is very unique. It's almost like a mini flask and will fit nicely in a pocket. Having everything preloaded and stored internally makes this a nice choice for someone on the go. Everything is unlike anything else with the Dual v3. If you want one thing to do everything, then this is the thing….to get.


Like most portable vaporizers, this is pretty easy to clean. The screens and canisters can easily be brushed for daily cleaning. And occasional ISO alcohol to restore it to like new. Haze provides a nice quality brush to keep the screens and ovens clean.


The Haze Dual v3 comes with a 10-year warranty. On top of that, they offer a full replacement for $99, no matter the condition or reason, as part of a Renewal Program exclusive to Haze. Even if it is out of warranty. You’re getting a vape for life! But, It must be purchased from an Authorized Dealer like The Herb Cafe.


A mid level price tag comes with the Haze Dual v3 but if you're into vaping herbs and extracts and don't want to fiddle around with multiple devices, take the king of versatility out for a spin.

$329 CAD

What’s In The Box:

Haze Technologies Dual v3 Vaporizer, glass mouthpiece, stainless steel mouthpiece, 2 conduction screens, 2 convection screens, dry herb canister, concentrate canister, 2 batteries, battery charger, power cord, cleaning brush, tweezers

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