FireFly 2 Vaporizer

By FireFly

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Automatically Includes our Premium Helix Vapor Grinder!

FireFly's second go around at portable vaporization has been a technological success. Innovative design, elite materials, and impressive efficiency make this a great vape for anyone looking for on demand pain or stress relief. 

Heating Type:

The FireFly 2 Vaporizer has an all convection heating system. It's innovative and proprietary super alloy that's manufactured in the United States and allows the herb to be heated to a set temperature with the air passing through the bowl but not heating the bowl itself. Remarkable!

Control & Operation:

This is an On-Demand vaporizer. You can load it, use as much as you want, put it down, and come back later for more. The FireFly 2 can reach a temperature up to 205°C (400°F) or up to 220°C (430°F) if you're using shatter or budder, which can be set using an iPhone or Android app. The app also allows for firmware updates, device naming, and battery monitoring. "Heating Profiles" go from Low all the way up to Concentrates and the "Power Tuning" goes between 89% and 111%. The on-demand temperature control will reach the desired setting in just a few seconds! To use, simply remove the lid and fill the ground herb to slightly above the futuristic alloy bowl. Then replace the magnetic lid. When you're ready, place your fingers (one on each side) to start the heating process. When the green light is solid, it's ready to draw. If you hear any air whistling when you draw, you're doing it too hard. This takes some practice but will be worth it once you get the hang of it.


The FireFly 2 vaporizer comes with 2 user swappable lithium-ion batteries. Charge time is approximately 45 minutes and each battery will yield 6-8 bowls completely cashed out. It comes with a charging cradle which connects via USB cable.

Feel & Design:

The FireFly is a gorgeous unit. High build quality, cutting edge materials and efficient function make this a great choice for anyone looking for on demand herbal consumption. The super-alloy bowl and glass/mirror vapor path impart absolutely no flavor to your precious herbs. The top lids are available in 5 metallic color finishes; black, white, red, blue and gold. You can purchase additional lids if you're into being fashionable.


Cleaning the FireFly 2 is as easy as can be. After the bud is not producing any more vapor, open the lid and toss out the spent flower. Use a Q-Tip to gently wipe the bowl and a soft cloth to wipe down the mirror surface of the vape and the glass surface of the lid. We can't stress how easy it is to maintain! Here's a tip: wipe it down right after you use it (when it's still warm) and all the resin wipes off easily.


FireFly offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty with the FireFly 2 Vaporizer. As always, it must be purchased from an Authorized Dealer like The Herb Cafe.


This vaporizer has a lot to offer. Its build quality is outstanding and the on-demand heating function is revolutionary. So it does come with a higher sticker price, but you get a lot of function out of this little guy.

$419 CAD

What’s In The Box:

FireFly 2 Vaporizer, FireFly Charging Dock, USB cable, extra battery, 3 concentrate pads, cleaning kit

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