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Focus V Carta Atomizer

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Focus V Carta Atomizer

The Focus V CartaĀ Atomizer is availableĀ inĀ Dry Herb orĀ Concentrates variations. The ConcentrateĀ Atomizer is the V2 updated version!

Dry Herb:

If youā€™re looking to get the most out of dry herb vaporization from your Carta Portable Vape Rig, the Carta Dry Herb Vape Atomizer is a vital accessory. This piece builds on the rigā€™s already impressive handling of dry herb to really capture every nuance of the flavor profiles and bring out the herbā€™s unbridled potency. Itā€™s a simple, straightforward atomizer attachment that lets you dig right in. If you want to enjoy the delicious flavors of dry herb without the threat of combustion, the Carta Dry Herb Vape Atomizer is your solution.

  • 1x Atomizer Housing with Ceramic Chamber


The Carta Concentrate Atomizer provides you with a high-end heating element compatible with the portable Carta Vape Rig. If youā€™re in the market for a replacement atomizer, you donā€™t want to skimp on the quality, or your vape sesh will suffer. This carefully designed atomizer model brings the reliable Carta quality and reinforces it with rugged titanium built right into the bucket for even heat distribution and long-lasting performance.

  • 1x Atomizer Housing with Titanium Bucket Chamber

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