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The Hopper Labs Grasshopper Vaporizer is IN STOCK NOW and every model has been reduced by $20!

This is the easily the most discrete herb vaporizer available anywhere and it has a lot of power for something so tiny. The Grasshopper is more likely to be confused with a Mont Blanc pen than a vaporizer.

Heating Type:

You will find some very advanced technology found in the Grasshopper vape. It creates a full on-demand convection compound extraction for dry herbs. The chamber is fairly close to the mouthpiece, being that the unit is so small, and it does generate a lot of heat. The all metallic finish can burn your lips so Hopper Labs includes a silicon cap that fits nicely on around the mouthpiece.

Control & Operation:

It's pretty hard to imagine what kind of output a vaporizer so small could produce. The Grasshopper features a temperature range from 130°C (266°F) to 210°C (410°F) that can be reached within 5 seconds. Adjusting the temperature is easy with a dial but not exact. Each notch on the dial is approximately 20° in variance so you’ll land in a range rather than an exact number. To use the Grasshopper all you have to do is unscrew the mouthpiece and lightly pack a medium to fine grind. It will fit 0.3g-0.35g of dry herbs. After the top is screwed back on, turn the dial on the back to the temperature you like. It's not the most accurate vaporizer but it'll be in the range desired. Since it is on-demand heat, it is suggested to turn off the unit between draws. If you have a glass rig or bong at home for water filtration, this is an ideal way to use the Grasshopper, so the hottest point isn't in contact with your skin.


Everything here is custom to the Grasshopper. Charging will take approximately 90 minutes using a magnetic snap-on contact charger that attaches to the On/Off power button. From the lithium-ion battery, you can expect about 4 sessions. With the limited amount of space on the unit, there is no battery indicator. So having the battery pass out mid-session is a constant problem. The custom batteries are very well priced and having a backup is always recommended. Pass through charging is another feature available to every Grasshopper.

Feel & Design:

Obviously, there are some next generation technologies being used here. The metal finish is very well crafted and all the pieces come apart and back together very smoothly. Hopper Labs is trying to get everything into one unit; convection heating on-demand, ultra portable, very discrete and surprisingly powerful. If you are a water cooling enthusiast, this vaporizer can get you massive clouds very quickly. The Grasshopper is available in Stainless Steel, Titanium, and 5 anodized colors (dark gray, bronze, purple, blue and green).


The chamber needs to be brushed or Q-Tip wiped regularly to maintain a clean vapor path. The mouthpiece has a built-in screen which will get gunked up pretty quickly if you leave herb in the chamber after it's been vaped. A hot water rinse and some isopropyl alcohol will get it brand new in a snap. The Grasshopper gets spiffy in a jiffy.


The Grasshopper line of vaporizers come with a lifetime warranty limited to manufacturer's defect. That is some pretty good insurance to get with a device. Can't ask for much more than forever! As always, the Grasshopper must be purchased from an Authorized Dealer.


The price is remarkably low for a unit that offers so many innovative advancements. Vaporizer manufacturers around the world have been trying to get all of this into a pocket vape for years. Meeting demands and maintaining availability has been the biggest drawback, other that the excessive heat. This was a crowd funded project that has had some hiccups with manufacturing so hopefully, they'll be easier to acquire by the new year.

Stainless Steel:

$329 CAD

Titanium & Anodized Colors:

$389 CAD

What’s In the Box:

HopperLabs Grasshopper Vaporizer, 750mAh battery, magnetic USB charger, silicone tip

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