Lotus Vaporizer Pipe Kit

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Lotus Vaporizer Pipe Kit
Lotus Vaporizer Pipe Kit

The Lotus Saucer Cap is available is the Black Cap (Model 247 - low temperature) and the Silver Cap (Model 234 - high temperature) versions. 

Instant vaporization in four seconds, no butane fumes. Easy learning curve.

Everything you need to enjoy your Lotus Vaporizer pipe. The kit includes:

  • Lotus Vaporizer Cap (Black Cap or Silver Cap)
  • Lotus Magnetic 14mm Water Pipe Adapter
  • J Hook Glass Pipe with 14mm joint (New Grey Glass)

maple vapor cap attaches magnetically to the water pipe adapter. The vapor cap is easily removed and completely separates the vaporizing air from any butane fumes. A stir stick is bonded to the cap for convenience in mixing the bowl contents.

This cap is for use with both flowers and concentrates. The hot plate is not warrantied due to the high operating temperature encountered with concentrates. Hotplate lifespan is typically 2+ years when used with flowers, 1 year with concentrates, and is easily replaced.

The cap is available with either a silver or ceramic coated black Lotus ring. Both operate identically, just with different temperature ranges. 

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