Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer Coils

By Crossing


The Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer will work with these two coils, as well as ALL 16 COILS for the original Saionara.

Saionara Top Air Flow Coils are available in their complete assembly in 2 unique variations:

  1. Quartz Bucket Coil
  2. Titanium Bucket Coil

Replacement parts to reassemble your coils are available as well:

  1. Replacement Ceramic Coil for Quartz Bucket
  2. Replacement Ceramic Coil for Titanium Bucket
  3. Quartz Crucible Cup
  4. Titanium Crucible Cup

The Quartz bucket coils consists of 3 separate pieces:

  1. Ceramic Coil
  2. Locking Ring
  3. Quartz Crucible Cup

The Titanium Bucket Coils consist fo 2 separate pieces:

  1. Ceramic Donut Coil (Cup Only)
  2. Titanium Crucible (Cup Only)

These coils are designed exclusively for the Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer only. They will not work properly in the standard Saionara. 

We are the official Saionara distributor for Canada and were first to carry the Saionara atomizers, coils, accessories and parts anywhere in the countryWe are their most trusted local source.

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