Vapium Summit Plus

By Vapium

$219.00 $249.00
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If you spend a lot of time being active and like to incorporate herbal vaping in your adventures, then the Vapium Summit Plus is what you need. With a rugged exterior and simple operation, you get a very reliable vape at an affordable price.

Heating Type:

The Summit+ incorporates a stainless steel bowl which extracts the THC and CBD compounds with surface heat contact in the herb chamber. The conduction is very efficient and generates ample clouds.

Control & Operation:

The on-board temperature control ranges from 160°C (330°F) to 230°C (440°F) over 8 increments. Vapium has developed a smartphone app that is very useful and intuitive. It gives the user exact temperature control, session time adjustment, battery level check, and quick boost to cash out the remainder of the bowl. The initial setup was a little tricky but once it's set up it'll never need to be done again.

Filling the chamber can get a little messy. Lift off the magnet lid and use a folded card to funnel the herb into the bowl then set the lid back on. To start the Vapium Summit Plus, press and hold the large button for 3 seconds. The unit will vibrate twice indicating it's on and the mountain LED will turn blue. The temperature light will flash until it has reached its setting, then the vape will vibrate 3 more times and the mountain LED turns green letting the user know everything is ready and you can begin to draw.

Feel & Design:

It has a rugged feel. Almost like if it fell out of my hand it wouldn't be destroyed. Vapium's claim to fame with their new Summit Plus is that it has been tested in the most extreme conditions on earth to make sure the experience is always true. If you're looking for a couch locking vape this is not for you. Hiking, biking, climbing or camping is where you'll find the Summit+. The rubberized grip gives it a comfortable feel and it fits easily in the palm of a small hand. Available in black, dark green and sky blue.


Inside the Vapium Summit, you'll find the industry standard lithium-ion battery used for most high discharge vaporizers. It uses a USB to charge and will take approximately an hour to fill with a wall charger adapter. You'll also get about an hour of use time (4-5 sessions). Pass through charging is available.


Stainless steel bowls always clean pretty easily with wipe down when it's still warm The vapor path has a similar layout to the PAX 2 and would need to be cleaned out with a pipe cleaner through the body of the device after a couple weeks of use. The mouthpiece and plastic cover pop off for a simple iso wipe down to disinfect.


Vapium includes a 1-year manufacturer's warranty with the Summit+ as long as it was purchased from an Authorized Dealer like The Herb Cafe.


The Vapium Summit Plus is underpriced. It should cost more than the MSRP suggests. Incredible value for an ultra-portable device that can keep up with your lifestyle.

$249 CAD

What’s In The Box:

Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer, USB cable, lid lock band, 3 chamber screens, 2 concentrate pads, extra mouthpiece cap, waterproof dry bag, keychain, cleaning kit