Helix Vapor Grinder

By The Herb Cafe

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We would like to introduce the Helix Vapor Grinder.

Our team here at the The Herb Cafe worked very closely with designers to create a hand grinder specifically calibrated for dry herb vaporization. The top two layers are manufactured out of aircraft grade aluminum, so the the blades will never dull. It contains neodymium magnets to keep the lid tight and the contents fresh. Our custom designed diamond sharp, curved teeth are perfectly engineered to give a courser cut. The immaculately manicured bud will funnel down in to the third level where it will sit on a tightly woven mesh. At this point the user can sift off any particulate they may want to extract. On the fourth level we have created a rounded edged bowl where the separated matter can easily be collected, and never have to worry about losing some good stuff in those pesky, tight corners. And to collect this good stuff, what's better than a mini silicone scraper to ensure efficiency. 

The Helix Vapor Grinder comes with a very handy carrying pouch with The Herb Cafe logo beautifully printed on top. And all of that comes packaged in our custom designed box. 

As Dr. John Hammond once said "We've spared no expense". This thing is so good you could call it a riding mower because it can cut the grass all day long.

We, here at THC, believe this is the absolute best hand grinder on the market. It has 4 levels, air craft grade aluminum, neodymium magnets, pollen scraper and sifter, and it's BIG! We experimented with a variety of different grinders and then customized the configuration of the best in the group to get a hand grinder that is made specifically for herbal vaporization. 

It comes in 4 beautifully anodized colors to suit your style!

Dimensions: 2.5"d x 1.77"h