Top Bond Odin Vaporizer

By Top Bond

The Odin vaporizer utilizes a mix of convection and conduction heating, offering the strengths and benefits of both heating methods. Air is heated below the chamber and passes through your material via diffused heating jets, resulting in powerful and flavorful convection. The ceramic-glass heating chamber provides precisely controlled conductive heat for optimal efficiency in both extraction and battery life. The Odin's crisp, clear OLED screen displays the current temperature and remaining battery life. The muscle behind the Odin is supplied by an internal, high-output 18650 Li-ion battery capable of offering roughly 10 cycles of usage from less than 2 hours of charge time. The notched edges of the Odin are for much more than looks; these aluminum fins disperse heat to keep the Odin cool, even during a long session. A borosilicate glass mouthpiece provides pure flavor and easily stores in the base of the unit for maximum portability. The Odin's air path is completely isolated from the electronics for the cleanest possible vaporization experience.
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