XVape Cricket Vaporizer

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XVape Cricket Vaporizer

The XVAPE Cricket is a super small, stealthy, single quartz coil vaporizer pen for wax and concentrates.

This compact, discrete pen is perfect for single dabs. The XVAPE Cricket has a powerful, but compact 350mAh battery, and a glass tip mouthpiece that is held in place with a magnetic connection – no threads!


  • Unit weighs only 1 oz!
  • Only 4.3 inches long!
  • Vapes at an incredible 900°F – 1100° F
  • Click button 5 times to turn on/off
  • Button light will flash 10 times when battery is low
  • Full charge in 1 hour
  • Coil life expectancy with average use:  200 – 300 cycles


  • Weighs only 1 oz
  • 350mAh 3.3-4.2V battery
  • 510 thread charger
  • Single quartz coil
  • Glass tipped magnetic mouthpiece