Authorised Dealer

The Herb Cafe is THE Authorized Canadian Vaporizer Retailer for the following brands:

  • DynaVap
  • Storz and Bickel
  • Crossing Tech Saionara
  • Divine Tribe
  • Advanced Vape Supply
  • Simrell Collection
  • CCell
  • Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD)
  • PCKT
  • Verified Vapes
  • Arizer 
  • Boundless Tech 
  • DaVinci Vaporizers
  • Ed's TNT
  • Epic Vape
  • FireFly Vaporizers
  • FlowerMate Vaporizers
  • Grasshopper ( Vaporizer
  • Healthy Rips
  • Pax Vaporizers
  • Sticky Brick Labs
  • Stache Products
  • Dr. Dabber
  • Yocan Tech
  • CVault Storage Containers
  • Jyarz Containers
  • NoGoo Nonstick Containers
  • TightVac Containers
  • Boveda Humidity Control Packs
  • Nitecore Intelligent Battery Chargers
  • Magical Butter Extractors
  • Ardent Decarboxolator

 ...and many more!

In our continued quest for finding the highest quality products from the best manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, we are constantly looking for new items, but we also review the practices of the companies who are in our catalog. It is imperative for us to see our values reflected in their company's culture. 

Whether it be for poor build quality, unhealthy materials, poor or dismissive user support, or community sentiment, we have chosen to stop carrying any items from the following manufacturers and vendors:

  • Viivant
  • Utillian
  • Zeus
  • Source Vapes
  • W9 Tech
  • Lynx

We wish them luck in the future, but they'll never be in our shop again. 

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