Divine Tribe v5 Atomizer Starter Package
Divine Tribe v5 Atomizer Starter Package

Divine Tribe v5 Atomizer Starter Package

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Our EXCLUSIVE BLACK DTv5 ATOMIZER is available in a Starter Package too!

TheĀ Divine TribeĀ Starter Kit is the best way to get started on theĀ v5 if you don't have a mod and battery and just need the bare necessities.Ā 

TheĀ DTv5 Atomizer is built from high-qualityĀ stainless steel and sports a replaceableĀ polished ceramic bucket bowl. This kit also includes an extra heater.

What's Included:

  • 1x Divine Tribe v5 Concentrate Atomizer
  • 1x eLeaf iStick Pico 75w
  • 1x SamsungĀ 30Q 18650 Battery


  • Wattage 27-37W (pulsing button)

For best results:

From a cold start, preheat the atomizer coil for about 7-8 seconds. Then stop firing and refire (pulse) right away as you start to draw. Continue to draw for 10-15 seconds, pulsing the fire button every 3-4 seconds with a quick off and back on, then stop firing when you're almost out of breath and finish the draw with no power. MaintainĀ a slow steady intake the whole way through to avoid spilling oil or cooling the bowl. Use terp pearls! They will amplify the vapor density by a substantial amount.Ā 

The DTv5 Starter Kit includes the new eLeaf iStick Pico 75W with USBC.




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Divine tribe v5 in kit

Easy to use and clean, very nice device.

Peter P.
Canada Canada

Some guy on Reddit was right about this one!

I have been looking for a good way to dab on the go for a while, Iā€™ve used multiple wax pens but none of them seemed to quite get me where I wanted to go.. until now! The dtv5 has become my daily driver even when Iā€™m at home now, and with the Terp pearls and water pipe attachment, you get huge hits with very even vaporization of your material. The only negative for me is that the metal mouthpiece that comes with the unit gets pretty hot, so get the glass bong attachment and water pipe too!

Canada Canada

Very impressed

The DT V5 and the mod have been working very well. Used it with some rosin and bubble hash. Love the Hubble bubble too been also using the bubble with my old flowermate v5 nano with flower.

The Herb Cafe Divine Tribe v5 Atomizer Starter Package ReviewThe Herb Cafe Divine Tribe v5 Atomizer Starter Package Review


wow. iā€™ve been in to vape tech for like a decade and iā€™ve never been so impressed by a new device!! well-built, easy breakdown, replaceable parts, smart airflow, self cleans beautifully. you really couldnā€™t ask for more! sometimes i even get mesmerized by how evenly my concentrates melt and forget to cap it for a sec.. the pico is great as well. some people may want arctic fox but i donā€™t see a need for it personally ā€ā™‚ļø things been chucking since i got my TCR values figured out an easy 10/10 purchase for me. very pleased. thank you matt and thc!

Zach F.
Canada Canada

Best device

Super easy to clean, burns really evenly and well- overall this thing kicks a traditional rigs butt in terms of ease of use and cleaning regime. You can get some nice fat clouds once you figure out how to effectively use it with your dabs.

The Herb Cafe Divine Tribe v5 Atomizer Starter Package ReviewThe Herb Cafe Divine Tribe v5 Atomizer Starter Package ReviewThe Herb Cafe Divine Tribe v5 Atomizer Starter Package Review
Dave B.
Canada Canada

True upgrade even from an already amazing product

Already using the v4 for a good year and loving it. There was always something with the bowls, this v5 seems to fix any complaints I might have had and then some. With Rosin this bowl on the v5 is perfect. For sure reduction on the mess, improved flavour and far easier to clean.


DTV5 rocks, but get a good box mod

It took some time to figure out how everything works, what settings work best, etc. First things first, the Pico that comes with this kit is NOT flashable to use ArticFox firmware, and also has the autofire disabled. When trying to use the DTV5 with it, it will kick you out of temperature control mode constantly and requires a lot of fiddling. The DTV5 on the otherhand is mind blowing. Gives the cleanest hits with minimal residue. Using the DTV5 with the Hubble Bubbler, your hits will be full of flavor and you won't get ANY harshness that you get from a ****** smokeshop wax pen. The best part? If you don't have a cue tip you can set your box mod to a higher wattage and the ceramic cup will literally burn itself clean. I would highly recommend the DTV5, but find a DNA chip Box Mod or one that is confirmed to work with Artic Fox. The USB-C version of the Pico does not work with Arctic fox. I purchased a DNA75C and once I loaded the settings correctly it is a dream to use. Adjust the temperature from 460F to 510F depending on what concentrate you are using and be prepared to smoke dabs like never before.


The Herb Cafe

Hi Kyle Thank you for the detailed review. There are a couple of things we want to clear up. Arctic Fox is an absolutely unnecessary firmware change unless you can't figure out how to set up the modes. Everyone here installed it and had it flashed back to the stock firmware within a couple of days. The new USBC does not come with autofire. This is not disabled. It is made like that by eLeaf. The older micro USB mod can be flashed with aftermarket firmware but the newer version has not been cracked. If your mod was kicking you out of temperature control mode, it's a result of a bad connection from the mod to the atomizer. When it separates, the mod will go back to wattage mode. The Pico is a great mod. Since this is a starter package, we don't offer a $200 mod with a $100 atomizer. This would make it too expensive for most people getting into these types of kits. We have used the Pico75 with the v3, v4, and v5 atomizers with incredible results. A higher-end battery will give you more options than a lower-cost one, but the Pico has been an industry standard for the last 5 or 6 years due to its functionality, simplicity, and portability.

Canada Canada

Divine Tribe V5

Great product, have the V4 and also is a great product, but the V5 is superior in almost every way and a great upgrade from the V4. Herb Cafe was great bro deal with and shipping was fast and easy.


Absolute beast

The DTV5 is the best atomizer for near perfect and consistent dabs with huge clouds. Make sure to get the MicroUSB variant so you can flash Arctic Fox on the boxmod for the autofire function, it makes taking dabs foolproof and very consistent. Grab a Hubble Bubble too for smooth watercooled dabs

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