DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer
DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer
DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer
DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer

DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer

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Choose between the OmniVap, OmniVap XL, and OmniVap Shorty vaporizers! The Shorty and XL devices are best devices the staff at The Herb Cafe have ever tried! 

The OmniVap vaporizer is the best that DynaVap has to offer. It is designed with a titanium construction from the tip to the mouthpiece and is exceptionally lightweight. The condenser can adjust its position to reduce and virtually eliminate the need to control the air to vapor ratio. The titanium tip is also adjustable so you can reduce the amount of herb used in each dose.  

What's included:

  • 1 DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer body
  • 1 DynaVap Titanium Condenser
  • 1 DynaVap Titanium Mouthpiece
  • 1 DynaVap Titanium Tip
  • 1 DynaVap Cap
  • 1 DynaVap Storage Tube/Carrying Case

DynaVap's flagship device, The Omni.

  • Made entirely in the USA from lightweight titanium that’s built to last
  • Notched dosing chamber functions as a built-in grinder
  • Adjust-a-Bowl feature allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs and is ideal for microdosing
  • A dial-indicator for a quick and easy visual airflow adjustment
  • Spiraled condenser that adds additional cooling to the vapor as it passes through the device
  • A contoured design that fits perfectly in your hand for ease of use

Comes with a Captive Cap and will fit in any XL size DynaStash.

To use your VapCap:
  1. Most Important! Before your first use, please read all of these instructions and then do at least two, preferably more than two, dry runs with nothing in the VapCap! This is very important to become familiar with the operation of the unit and prevent unintentional combustion residues.
  2. The VapCap is unlike any other vaporizer, so give it a few tries empty to get the feel of its unique temperature-indicating click. Heat the VapCap in a quiet area, listen and feel so you know what you are looking for. If you are using a torch lighter, this should not take more than 5 or 6 seconds. Heat the middle of the cap not the end and rotate while heating. If more than 6 seconds go by and you don’t hear the click, stop heating and let it cool down.
  3. If you severely overheat your VapCap it can be permanently damaged. It is very important you hear the cool down click, or allow it to cool to the touch, before heating for the next cycle. Repeat this procedure several times to get the feel of how this little unit operates.
  4. When you are ready for the first use, let it cool down, then remove the cap from the VapCap.
  5. Fill the VapCap chamber with your material of choice. This can be done easily by pushing the VapCap into a container of your material and twisting. Pre-grinding your material is NOT needed like when using a bat or hitter. If you prefer to grind, go coarse. Finely ground material will get through the diffuser disc and into the unit.
  6. Place the cap back on the VapCap.
  7. Heat up the metal cap of your VapCap while rotating it, with the flame or heat source applied to the last third of the metal cap. Try to only apply heat to the side of the cap and NOT the end. This is not like lighting a smoking device.
  8. Continue rotating and heating the cap until you hear and or feel a click - this means the VapCap is ready!
  9. Puff on the mouthpiece. Experiment a little here. If you draw with the air hole completely plugged the flow will seem somewhat restricted. This is normal. Some find they get the best result by taking a long, slow steady draw with the hole completely open, and others will intermittently or lightly cover the air/vapor mix port. The way air flows through the VapCap cools the vapor to provide a smooth experience.
  10. Keep drawing as desired until you hear the click again, this means the VapCap has cooled down.
  11. When the vapor production diminishes, it is easy to reactivate. a. Make sure the VapCap has re-clicked “to cool” before reheating for the next cycle. b. If you are not sure if it has re-clicked, gently blow on the end to cool it. It may take up to 1 minute to reset.
  12. When there is no longer any desirable vapor produced, and the cap has clicked “to cool”, remove the cap. The consumed material can be either blown out the end, or the little tang on the cap is also a wonderful “digger outer.”
  13. Reload for another round of simple and wonderful vapor.

  1. It is recommended that you use a butane torch style lighter with your VapCap.
  2. Wait until you hear or feel the reset click or at least 30 seconds after the VapCap stops producing vapor to reheat.
  3. It is VERY important to wait until you hear the cool down click before applying more heat.
  4. Stop heating your VapCap as soon as you hear the click until you get to know each other better.
  5. You can vary the intensity of the flavor by using the air/vapor adjustment port.
  6. Depending on your personal preference and heat source, as well as how many cycles since the VapCap was loaded, you may want to apply heat for 1-2 seconds after the click. This will provide for a different level of roasted flavor.
  8. The end of the VapCap gets very hot during and following use. Do not touch the hot end until it has cooled. Also please do not put the hot end into your mouth.
  9. The VapCap can be safely put back in its Special Case or reloaded after the cool down click is heard.


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    Great piece of vaping equipment

    This is a desktop-class vape that works reliably. The additional induction heater makes it much more pleasant for me at home. I think the bowl could be bigger but otherwise it's a well-engineered piece!

    A The Herb Cafe Customer
    Nick V.
    Canada Canada

    Love the look and feel

    First DynaVap, I did a lot of research beforehand and really wanted an Omni since it's adjustable. This particular one caught my eye because it looks amazing and it comes in a really nice container. The wood shell has been great for travel and for displaying the Omni when not in use. Makes it so I don't really want/need a DynaStash which is nice. I'm slowly getting better at using it as I go, so far am really enjoying it. Added a 1/2 bowl converter because I have low tolerance and like to microdose. I usually only need to hit it once or twice before I'm good. It is one of the more expensive options, but I've been researching and wanting a DynaVap for about a year now. I keep adding them to my cart and then taking them out again, not sure if it's the one for me or the right time to buy. When I found the Obsidian model I immediately loved the look and style. Did further research on this specific model for another month or so before I decided to purchase it. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase.

    The Herb Cafe DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer ReviewThe Herb Cafe DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer ReviewThe Herb Cafe DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer Review

    Omni XL, the best Dynavap has to offer imo!

    This is my 2nd Omni XL, I bought this one as a back up in case I ever lose my original. These are going extinct as they are not being produced any more so I snatched one up before it's too late. This is best device in Dynavap's line up as far as I'm concerned and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of buying one. Grab one before they are gone forever!


    This is my second

    Love it - dropped my first one on a walk, missed it a lot, bought another!

    Laurence F.
    Canada Canada


    It is really excellent. It took a little getting used to as I had previously used an ‘M’ for over a year before. After I had though, it was even better. It is even more economical! God knows how many joints I have replaced with a little bowl in the vape! -Laurence

    Laurence F.
    Canada Canada


    It is really excellent. It took a little getting used to as I had previously used an ‘M’ for over a year before. After I had though, it was even better. It is even more economical! God knows how many joints I have replaced with a little bowl in the vape! -Laurence

    Daniel D.
    Canada Canada

    Omnivap 2021...the best!

    Great engineering work for Omnivap 2021! . I already had an M20 and a Hydravong but they get beaten up by this new beast. The grip is superb, the airflow system is amazing and it has never been so easy to make big clouds! I highly recommend and thanks to THC for the great service!


    OmniVap Titanium XL

    Such a brilliant vaporizer definitely glad I made the upgrade from the dynavap m this is not my first order from the Herb Cafe amazing customer service highly recommended ordering from The Herb Cafe so much to choose from fast delivery


    Great - speedy vape for faster clouds

    Coming from an Arizer Air II (which I like), this is fast and even more portable. Nice low tech option for going off grid! I haven't used the less expensive versions, but was drawn to all the machining and figured it'll last.


    If I knew that before !!!

    The Dynaverse is simply the best thing, that happens to me , the omnivap is my personal best, I have the simrell as well and the vong xl . I owned previously crafty, firefly 2+, flowermate nano, . I will never switch from dynavap, with there induction products now.... I will be in the Dynaverse for lifetime

    The Herb Cafe DynaVap OmniVap Vaporizer Review

    Amazing experience

    The experience using an Omnivap is like no other, the best vape for full extraction. To go with that, I had regular updates as well as exceptional customer service from Sachin.


    Definitely should be in your collection.

    This is change up from how I've always vaporized, so it's kinda fun to try something new. I haven't used a lighter, I had the Apollo 2 from the start, which is an excellent way to heat the Omni, but I'm sure a good lighter does a fine job too. These vaporizers have a very small herb chamber, probably about .1 gram, but the taste of the vapor is at least as good as the best vaporizers I've tried. The small chamber doesn't allow you to waste any of your herb, cause 1) the chamber is finished in three hoots 2) it doesn't allow you to lay back in your couch to contemplate life, while your hot vaporizer packed with .5 of a gram slowly vapes away your herb. So if you ever hit those times when your stash is low and so is your bank account, the OmniVap is the best way I know of to conserve the herb and stay high at the same time.


    Worth the upgrade from the Vapcap M

    I have used a Vapcap M for about 1.5 years (with a Ti tip + Ti spinning mouth piece for over a year). That works so well I never really thought an upgrade was necessary, but I got the Omni XL on a whim and it really is a treat to use. The biggest improvement is the adjustable airflow. I figured out the best setting for me and can now get perfect hits hands-free without worrying about the airport. It is also visually stunning and incredibly light.



    Very professional staff, love my new DynaVap, will definitely shop here again!


    First portable vape

    Couldnt be better


    Great Service

    Overall experience has been great! They were able to switch up my order after I wanted an upgrade with Ease and the product was delivered to my door with in 2 days!!


    Omni XL

    Dynavap is an amazing company that makes an even better product. Great vapour great taste and a great experience using it. HerbCafe answered all of my questions and provided A1 customer service and delivery.


    Perfect product, perfect support

    Title says everything!


    Excellent Customer Support

    Excellent Customer Support on facebook Messenger, replies instantly to your worries and concerns. Delivery was extremely fast, with good packaging. Would buy from him next time for sure.


    Omni Vap XL

    What a great piece of kit. I put the volcano away and strictly use the onnivap. The titanium version is super light and simple to use. Fast shipping and my emailed questions I sent before deciding to purchase were answered within 10 minutes. Will gladdly do business with again. Thanks THC!

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