Saionara Atomizer Coils

By Crossing

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These coils are designed to work with the Saionara and the Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizers only. Saionara Coils are available in 16 unique variations. 

  1. Ceramic Donut
  2. Triple Titanium Coil - Quartz Rod
  3. Triple Titanium Coil - Black Ceramic Rod
  4. Dual Titanium Coil - Quartz Rod
  5. Titanium Coil - Quartz Rod
  6. Stainless Steel Coil - 4mm Quartz Rod
  7. Stainless Steel Coil - 4mm Black Ceramic Rod
  8. Stainless Steel Coil - Quartz Rod
  9. Stainless Steel Coil - Black Ceramic Rod
  10. Dual Twist Kanthal Coil - 4mm Quartz Rod
  11. Dual Twist Kanthal Coil - 4mm Black Ceramic Rod
  12. Dual Twist Kanthal Coil - Quartz Rod
  13. Dual Twist Kanthal Coil - Black Ceramic Rod
  14. Miracle A Coil
  15. Miracle B Coil
  16. Clapton Coil - Quartz Rod

Each sold separately. 5 Packs are available here. These coils do not fit in the Sequoia. 

If you're looking for the Titanium Bucket Coil or the Quartz Bucket Coil designed exclusively for the Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer. click here.

We are the official Saionara distributor for Canada and were first to carry the Saionara atomizers, coils, accessories and parts anywhere in the countryWe are their most trusted local source.

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