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Divine Tribe SiC Quest Atomizer

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Divine Tribe SiC Quest Atomizer

Inspired by the quartz banger and carb cap, the SIC (Silicon Carbide) Quest brings the power of a rig while not sacrificing the convenience of a typical portable device. Having a complete glass pathway and a SIC crucible cup with ceramic rod heaters that have temperature control capabilities makes the SIC Quest one of the most effective ways to experience and conserve concentrates while still delivering low-temperature essence of your oils and huge clouds, the SIC Quest

Kit Includes

  • 1 SIC crucible cup with ceramic heaters installed
  • 14mm male vortex hand-blown custom top
  • Silicone Ring Protector
  • Q tips and alcohol wipes
  • concentrate handling tool
  • Screwdriver and two extra screws

SIC Quest Features

  • Dual ceramic heating coils
  • Complete glass pathway
  • Temperature Control Capable
  • Designed to be rebuildable with eco-friendly concepts in mind 

Instructions & Maintenance

Take Immediate Caution Inner Heater Gets up to 500°f  and can cause serious burns. Please be careful when handling the unit.  

Each part is replaceable, the whole unit can be rebuilt, there is no need to throw out the whole heater if one part breaks, we designed this with eco-friendly concepts.

Inspired by the quartz banger and directional airflow carb cap, having a complete glass pathway in a portable device that can do temperature control seemed to be the most effective way to conserve and experience concentrates. We believe this unit delivers that, from smooth flavorful hits to huge clouds, this unit performs.

Take note of battery settings:

  • TCR – 300 using 50w to get to 500°f (pulse button after initial 10 seconds throughout the session)