Ed's TnT Woodscents Vaporizer

By Ed's TnT


Automatically Includes our Premium Helix Vapor Grinder!

The Woodscents vaporizer by Ed's TnT is beautifully hand-crafted out of wood and features a titanium heating element nestled inside. This original floating heat path allows this log vape to sit on your herb without charring. 
The WoodScents package will consist of:
  • 1 Hand turned WoodScents Titanium AromaLog 
  • 1 Titanium Vapcap tip w/Titanium screen & o-rings
  • 1 Vapcap cap
  • 1 3" 14mm matching wood tapered stem with condenser
  • 1 14/18mm matching wood water pipe attachment without condenser
  • 1 WoodeScents glass AromaCup
  • 1 WoodScents 4” straight draw glass stem
  • 1 WoodScents 14mm glass water pipe adapter, w/2 conical screens)
  • 1 12V power adapter
  • 1 Inline rotary temp control
  • 1 right angle extension cable (cord from inline rotary temp dial to WoodScent)
  • 1 extra Ti screen
  • 1 pack extra Ti tip o-rings (4 o-rings)
  • 1 tin Bomb Ass Butter wood conditioner
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