Focus V Carta Buckets

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Focus V Carta Buckets

The Focus V Carta Buckets come in Quartz, Titanium & the brand new Silicon Carbide!


With quick heating properties, optimum heart maintenance, and outstanding flavor preservation, this 2-pack of Carta Quartz Buckets gives you the features you need to get the most out of your Carta Vape Rig. These quartz buckets are ideal for concentrates of all viscosities. Each of these specially designed quartz buckets fits the base of the Carta Portable Vape Rig beautifully with intuitive installation and use. 2 Quartz buckets per order.


The Carta Titanium Bucket by Focus V is the perfect solution for those seeking a more rugged piece for their Carta rig. Titanium buckets are virtually unbreakable so they make great travel companions. While they don’t heat quite as quickly as quartz buckets, they still heat up quickly and conduct heat efficiently. These titanium buckets, precision-crafted from high-quality titanium, feature a simple design to make using them easy even for beginning dabbers. 2 Titanium buckets per order. 

Silicon Carbide (SiC):

The Carta SiC Bucket will deliver high-intensity heat in a shorter time span. It's also much more resilient than the Quartz version. The high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion creates its own unique vapor profile. 1 SiC bucket per order. 

Each order of quartz and titanium will contain 2 buckets of the same kind. The Silicone Carbide is sold as a single piece.