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Ultimate Glass Water Pipe

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Ultimate Glass Water Pipe
Ultimate Glass Water Pipe
Ultimate Glass Water Pipe

We FINALLY have the bubbler of our dreams. We've tested just about every piece of glass we could and paired them with every vaporizer imaginable. They all had properties that were great for a bong, but not specifically designed for a vape. So we took the pieces we liked, made a few tweaks, and created the Ultimate Glass Water Pipe. 

Our exclusive glass piece features a percolator with clean cuts and an effortless draw. The diffusion doesn't affect or drown out the flavor of your favorite herb. The mouthpiece has also been moved out of the way compared to the traditional side-car design to allow more space for almost any vaporizer or adapter to mount to the 14mm female joint. The new slightly elevated position of the percolator will allow our bubbler 

This is the best glass piece we've tried! The all-glass percolator has a free-flowing draw and doesn't over diffuse the vapor, so it maintains the terpene profiles of your favorite herbs and oils. Pair the glass bubbler with the appropriate water pipe adapter (WPA) and you'll take any vaporizer to the next level. 

*Pro-tip: use warm water instead of cold. warm water hydrates the vapor more and results in a smoother draw, ie less harsh. Also, vapor sticks to cold glass and will leave more resin behind. Use fresh, warm tap water with each session for the best results. 

This glass bubbler features a classic matrix-style percolator. The main body is 6cm in diameter and offers a perfect and smooth draw for almost any kind of vaporizer, portable or desktop. The joint is a 14mm female so all you need is a water pipe adapter for your vaporizer to make them fit together.


  • 6cm x 12cm chamber
  • Solid 12.5cm glass base
  • Repositioned glass stem mouthpiece
  • Easy flow percolator
  • 14mm female joint
  • Sandblasted logo


This added piece is perfect for fitting larger vaporizers or atomizer/banger combos.